Seeking Help

Life can be difficult at times, and many are the singles wishing they had a partner to assist them when things go wrong. They see life as a series of obstacles aimed specifically at ruining their life, and jealousy can overtake them when they watch couples succeeding because there are two against the world. They might want that same support, but they have yet to find the right person for a long term commitment. Seeking help from friends or relatives will only get them through some issues, so they work to find a person in the same situation as them.

Even those who agree on many topics will find each of them has their own way of looking at anything. Both of them might agree on painting a room blue, but they come to that realization by paths that are not quite the same. One of them might believe the greenery outside the window will look better when framed in that color, but the other person could see that the furnishings in the room will be tweaked by walls of the same hue. They might agree in the end, but a different view from each of them will turn up new ways of examining the world and the issues they face.

People can often go through big chunks of life with few issues to solve, but the times they face problems that stymie them can put them at a disadvantage. The big promotion they have been looking forward to at work might not materialize if they are focused on issues from home, or they might miss going on the trip of a lifetime because they are too busy with their career. Even a casual partner in life might help them find workable solutions so they can pay attention to what really matters. It does not mean the two must be in an exclusive relationship, so they can help each other while still searching for their own true loves.