Romantically Bitter

Dating and relationships between people are often difficult for one of the partners to manage, and they can be only good for the person who presents the strongest front. While the idea of a romantic relationship between two people is not normally considered a contest, the person who looks or acts the strongest is often the one who gets what they want. If they are not a caring person, they are often able to use others for their own ends physically. They are not concerned with love or a long term commitment, and they tend to turn others romantically bitter after they are done with them.

It can be very difficult for a person who has been used in this manner to recover from what has happened, and they might have a tendency to take it out on others. Some of them do it because they are experiencing an inability to trust other people, but others experience as a way to feel better when they are in control. They do not see that their behaviour is a mirror image of what they just went through.

For those who find they have little or no trust of others within a relationship, stepping back from dating might be a good idea. They will need recovery time to sort out their emotional chaos, and they could eventually be able to see that the lack of trust was on the part of their former partner. They can rebuild their self-esteem, and they will eventually be able to form a good relationship with a deserving person.

It might appear that any relationship is good, but staying in a relationship with a person who is only there for what they can get out of it will leave their partner bitter. They can recover and form a new relationship with someone who wants to share their life, but they must be open to the possibility before dating again.