Resisting a Relationship

When a person is recently divorced, they are often feeling bruised when it comes to being involved with another person. They often miss companionship or intimacy, but they are not quite ready to make a commitment that could last for years. Meeting others and dating is part of what they expect to do for a while, and they are very willing to let the other person know there will be nothing serious about their time together. They might not expect to fall in love, and resisting a relationship with one of the first people they date after the divorce is common.

There are few guarantees in life, and meeting that right person at the wrong time does not always occur. For those who find they are having a great time with a new partner, life can suddenly become exciting. The other person they have met might be seeking a permanent relationship, but they will know better than to mention it. Their feelings on the issue of a long term commitment are real, but their love for the other person will help them hold back until the time is right.

The time to begin a serious relationship is when both people are ready, so waiting out a person’s boundaries on this issue can take quite a bit of time. It could take a few months or even a year before they realize the person they are currently dating is the right one, so patience could be very productive for the person who knows they are ready to commit to a partner who needs more time.

A real relationship begins when both partners are ready to make a firm commitment, and waiting for another person to be ready can be trying at times. For those who know they will have a great life as a couple, waiting is worthwhile.