Looking for More Fun

There are times in life when a serious relationship is out of the question for a person, and it often has to do with their need to straighten out their own life before making a commitment. They are not opposed to dating casually, but they are generally willing to make a point of telling potential dates they are not interested in a relationship. Many of them believe it is best to be honest, but some of them have found that looking for fun with another person can be hazardous when they are not willing to ensure there is a possibility of a commitment.

No one really likes being used by another person, so those who do not know the person they are dating is unwilling to make a commitment are often left with a bitter taste when they find out their emotional investment has been a waste of time and effort. It would seem this person should have been told in the beginning there would be no opportunity to forward the relationship, but they might try understanding it from the other person’s point of view.

When a person is honest enough to let someone they are considering dating know that they are not ready for a relationship, they often get burned in their own way. That person might just be looking for someone to use, and it can be a difficult realization. It is difficult to avoid feeling hurt even without a commitment, and knowing a person has been made a fool of can be emotionally devastating.

There are two sides to every story, and the complexities of dating can make it stressful on the participants even when there is nothing serious going on between them. For those looking to have just a little fun with another person, it might be best for them to go out socially only with their friends.