Friends Only

There are times in life when a partner seems to be a necessity, so some people have found it is best to have a reliable person by their side. They both agree that a romantic relationship is not something they want with each other, but both of them realize that acquiring what seems to be that type of partner will benefit them in many ways. While some of them will opt for physical intimacy, many of them are interested only in the social aspects of being together. A relationship of friends only can be a winning situation for both people, but it can be difficult if one of them finds they are falling in love.

One of the better ways to stave off blind dates is to ensure the same date is available for family functions, so an agreeable partner could help make life easier. Their presence at gatherings could be seen as a possible lifetime relationship, and it keeps the relatives at bay when it comes to matching up one of their single members. Reciprocating when the other side of the partnership needs a steady date to keep relatives in line is just another part of the commitment between the two.

Friends generally want to see those in their circle happy in a relationship, so they will often try to introduce them to eligible people. They often fail to see that their efforts are bothersome, so a steady date is a good idea. A partner not interested in a lifetime commitment can still be part of the crowd, and the lack of tension between the two will make them welcome on a regular basis.

Many relationships that consist of friends only are ones where commitment is never going to be an issue, so looking for a romantic partner is still possible. It is only a way to keep friends and family from pushing dates at single people, so it can be a boon for everyone.